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Intensity Interferometry
Multi-crystal Interferometry
Coherent Scattering

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BL19LXU/BL29XUL Proposal List

2007 3rd, 2007 1st-2nd, Archive (Staff Only)
"30 % of the finished experiments should be published."
T. Ishikawa ENMA BOOK

BL19LXU/BL29XUL Publication Lists
Journals (93 papers; November 21, 2006)
Proceedings (28 papers; March 15, 2002; not updated)
SPring-8 publication/presentation database: BL19LXU BL29XUL

Utility Program(SPring-8 site only)
Diffraction Parameters for C, Si, Ge
Photon Flux Calculator Ionization Chamber / PIN Photodiode / SACLA Beam Monitor
DuMond(spectrum&rocking curve; 3/8/2005)
Aluminum filter / Transmission (monoatomic substance only)

Tiny Script

GUI Manual
goniometers(not for public use)
How to plot (Japanese)
How to make program (Japanese)

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background image : plane-wave topograph of a synthetic diamond
taken at BL29XUL 1-km-station