How to configure SPEC at BL19LXU/BL29XUL

1. Longin ZEUS (Storage ring build.) or PLUTO (1-km-build.) as "specadm"

2. Open terimnal and execute "/prj/bl/bin/em_sock_linux". This program fakes EM RPC port to which SPEC communicates.

3. Open another terminal and execute "spec".

Config Example on ZEUS (Replace zeus to pluto for config on PLUTO)

Motor and Counter Device Configuration(Not CAMAC)
    MOTORS    DEVICE            ADDR <> MODE    NUM    <> TYPE
        YES    zeus:bl_29in_st1                            16        SPring-8 EM Motors (RPC)   <---motors in the EH1
        YES    zeus:bl_29in_st2                            24        SPring-8 EM Motors (RPC)   <---motors in the EH2
        YES    zeus:bl_29in_st1                            8         SPring-8 EM Counter/Timer (RPC)

Scaler (Counter) Configuration
    Number    Name    Mnemonic    <>Device        Unit    Chan
        0        Seconds    sec        SP-8T_EM        0        0
        1        Monitor    mon        SP-8C_EM        0        1
        2        Detector    det        SP-8C_EM        0        2

    (press "m" two times)
    Generic parameter 1    motor_0    <---channel number